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Okay so first of all, I'm sorry for all the questions but I'm an absolute newbie to this (except for a couple of hours of research) and I really do have a lot of questions.
So I want to start an online shop and I just needed to know what to buy. I finally decided to do heat press but I'm curious if that's the best method for newbies since I read that screen printing is a no go for someone with no experience. I just want to know how long does the design last using heat press since I don't want it to fade in the first few washes.
Please let me know

1) What printer should I purchase?

2) What inks should I use?

3) What press should I buy?

4) What paper should I use?

Also since I'm barely starting, could you guys recommend a not so expensive heat press.
And another question is if heat press is the same as using a normal iron?

Links will be very very much appreciated since I mainly want to know what exact brands I need.

I apologize ahead of time for all the newbie questions, but I need a specific answer. Thank you. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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