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This is where I hold my hand up, and admit I have made a possible bad mistake... and could really do with some advice, please?

A long while back, I bought a heat press which was part of a package offered by Lovecut (no advertising intended). Well.. to cut it short, after 1 month of renting an office I nearly went bust. Moved everything back to my house.

I recently started trading again (as of about 2 months back) and am ready now for orders. Or... am I? Looking through this Forum as a guest and I discovered some of you were having severe trouble with the heat presses purchased from Lovecut and I am now literally terrified of switching the thing on! I stand to lose over £1,650 which was my savings. I will never be able to afford another heat press now.

My question (sorry for the length of this post) is:

Has anyone had a heat press which they bought from Lovecut which actually works with no problems? I sure hope someone can help as I am now frightened of losing the lot :(

I also apologise in advance if I have posted this in the wrong section. Thanks everyone.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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