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heat press causing burning on seams

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I need to press some shirts that are a bit smaller then my usual size shirts. As a result I can't hang anything off the edge of the press so all the seams end up getting pressed. This of course causes a burn to happen. Not too noticeable with white shirts but you can really tell with the black shirts. I tried covering the seams with more fabric but that just caused press lines from the edge of the extra fabric.

Besides buying a smaller heat press to accommodate smaller shirts, is there a cheat to get around this little problem.

If I have to lower my temps to fix this what temps should I now do and for how long? I don't want to risk under curing my shirts as was the problem before.

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You need a teflon coated pillow to raise up the area you want to print on. This will raise the pressing area higher, and any seams will sink into the pillow...search the forum for 'teflon pillow' for more info 馃槈
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I purchased a huge sheet of the heat foam used on the bottom of heat presses and cut it up to sizes I need. I got my sheet from the GeoKnight guys (Geo Knight Co Heat Presses Made in USA: The Best Heat Press And Heat Transfer Machines.). But make sure you talk to them over the phone and get the sheet without the adhesive attached to it.

Here is an official memo I sent out to my company once I discovered how good they work:


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I was gonna buy some of that material but it's MASSIVELY expensive in the UK :(
My sheet was $160 for the "3/8 X 21 X 33 BLACK SILICONE SPONGE". So it was kind of expensive, I was scarred to cut it, but it's made my life so much easier. I know there are companies out there that sell similar pre-cut items but charge a lot more per piece.
Sublimation mouse mats might work and are very cheap.
i press on seams all the time and have never had any burn. are you sure your heat press is at the correct temperature?

that aside, the teflon pillows will help, as will the mouse pads, and like NeoUncle said, they are cheap.
Thanks guys. Im going to try out the pillows and see how it goes from there.

Cheers from Canada
I imagine you are just talking about that shiny look you get on black shirts that looks pretty awful and not necessarily burning the shirt?
The shiny weird effect that happens on seams is typically due to the Pretreat...mask of the seams so no PT gets on it and I bet you will see MASSIVE improvements!!
I had custom lower platen built, pretreat is main cause do if using viperone you will have this problem since always 14 wide. Either buy foam or get custom platen
If you do a lot, some of the stahls presses have optional platens.
But I like the idea of a custom like glupo.
I spray my pre treat by hand. But I only have the part of the shirt that is being printed on being sprayed. Everything else is blocked off so no pretreat touches those parts.

Yes I am talking about that shiney effect that looks horrible on the seams.
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