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Heat press as a Giant Iron to get wrinkles off

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Hello all

There is no doubt that I’m a greenhorn, so as a greenhorn I have question that may not always make sense sometime.

I have to get rid of the wrinkles on my Ts before shipping them. I have read the forum, and found out that lot of people are using a steamer.
I also kind of have a need for a heat press as I’m using tagless labels, and couple of my designs are using a customized 8 digit numbers made out of vinyl (iron-on for now)

So instead of buying a steamer, can I invest into a heat press and get rid of the wrinkles using the press as a giant iron?
Will it work?
Could I be damaging the ts doing so?
Any tips?

Please help

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A heat press may do the trick and will not harm the shirt.
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Yes it will totally work. Use light pressure, and you can lower the heat too. It just takes a couple of seconds. If these shirts were screen printed then I'd check the appearance of the print after a test. But heat transferred stuff would be fine.
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