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i'd like to know about this, too. i found a nice one with a demo video online, but it sells for U$ 100.-
in a print shop, i also saw the guys using a few hardpaper thingies, like a ruler, but the bottom was straight and part of a circle upwards (sounds complicate, but imagine a disk and cut part of it - not exactly the half). they had them in 3 different sizes, with messures... i don't know where to get them or how to use them, though (or what they're called).

edit: adding info: i read somewhere in this forum of a simple way: fold the shirt verticaly, matching the shoulder sewings and the bottom ends and press for 3 seconds. now fold it horizontaly below the armpits and press again - you get a crosshair. use the "3 to 4 inches below neck" rule to place your design. it doesn't work for all designs, but it helps.
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