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Heat press Advice needed, I've never had this much trouble 'Shopping'!

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Hello Guys and Gals,

I have been struggling with spending my money, I have found these 2 heat presses and wanted/needed your advice.
First off this clam V's Swing away, I have a little office so clam would be ideal space wise, BUT I am accident prone so worry about melting my knuckles lol. Also I would like to branch out, would the clam be OK for Sublimation work later on?
Swing away, just don't look as robust, plus I'd need to make room, however I would be less likely to melt my hands.
I have found 1 of each (In England), please let me know your thoughts. The sales support guy said they both have elements covering the whole plate, not just a central one.
16x20 Clam heat press semi automatic

20 x 15 Swingaway heat press

Thank you

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Any type of heat press will work for sublimation that works for heat transfer.
I was thinking there may be issues with clearance if I was pressing thicker items?
Hotronix do one that swings and also slides out. Would be perfect for you!

Oh, and everyone burns their knuckles on a clam. But it takes remarkable little time before your brain will learn NOT to be accident prone!
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Thank you,
My brain is rather sadistic and is more than happy to let me repeatedly burn myself ;-)
That company also does the sliding drawer clam, but its out of stock. My worry with the drawer is knocking the Tshirt if the 'slide' isnt perfectly smooth??

Personally, I would only buy a brand that people have used and can recommend.

A lot of the Chinese stuff is no good.

I'm sure the pro-world press is also Chinese, but they have obviously found a reliable manufacturer as they have sold thousands and have had very few problems.

Unless you can find a number of positive reviews from that supplier or manufacturer, I would personally give it a miss and spend my money with a better known brand or company.

Or...... Go and visit them and check out the press yourself!
Thank you,
So are the presses in the links Chinese?? I thought LoveCut were a well known company?
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