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heat control for flash unit

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Is there a inline unit of some sort to allow me to control the heat on my 16x16 flash unit, it currently has no temp control. Limited to on and off. The wife has a inline control for her heating iron for stained glass.
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i'm sure if you got a knob designed for that you could tie in, i mean i dunno about calibration you would have to figure that out, but i'm pretty sure you could just take lets just say a knob from your oven and tied in to your power from the on off to your heating eliment it would work, just don't cut any wires to short for reconnection just incase it doesn't work out,
Thats the ticket, found a company that produces similar units so I'll check the price, I already see they are selling the older magnetic presses for the same as rayonet is selling their silver press for so their price on this unit is most likely high also.

Great group returned calls answered all questions, seemed like a great group to deal with, Ill keep them on my products list for now.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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