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Head drive belt motor

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After cleaning and replacing parts on our 5 year old
T-Jet 1 then running it 16-18 hours per day this
week I have a new problem. After it has been running
for a while it will stop and the red lights flash and the
head will not find home. Let it set and clean encoder
restart and most times would work for an hour.
Then I put some oil on the motor shaft for the printer head belt and it worked for hours. Now it's getting worse
and when it does a second pass it will go out of horizontal
alignment then at the end of the 2nd pass the red lights
flash and head will not find home.
It has a new dive belt and every thing is clean and tight.
I suspect a worn out drive motor since it worked better
for a while after putting oil on the shaft and bearing.
Has any body else had a bad motor?

Thanks for any info.
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A bad carriage drive motor is very rare but, as with all things electrical, it can happen. It's not a major expense and fairly easy to change out. If you have a T-Jet 1 printer then it's at least 4 to 5 years old. If you suspect it's the motor giving you a problem it would not be a bad idea to replace it with a new one.

Equipment Zone
Harry, yes it's 5 years old and after just replacing and or cleaning everything
else the head would sometimes go from normal speed to slow speed and
eventually back to normal. Then when I oil the motor shaft (the only thing
I did different) it worked great for the next 7 hours and off and on mostly
off since.
I was planning to see if you have any Monday unless I find a 2200 that I
can get the part off of this weekend.
Thanks for the reply. The motor is the only thing that I can think of that
would be causing this. We have been putting a lot of hours on this printer
lately and after 5 years is finding the weak parts.
It does sound like the problem is the carriage drive motor. Another possibility might be the main board as it controls the carriage motor. However, I would first try replacing the motor. We do have them.

Equipment Zone
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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