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Having trouble with settings on light tees f2100

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hey guys new epson surecolor owner here. coming from the land of bull**** clogs and heads and pump dysfunction with the omniprint freejet. Had the machine for a few weeks now and i hate to say it but i cannot get nearly as good as prints on white garments as i could have with my omniprint.

I recently had a customer that replaced a order for shirts that i had done previously on the otehr machine and when i went to do them on this one, the pink is printing more of a red than a bright pink. Maybe because the other one had a great rip software, but i have tried 27 or so sample prints and i cannot get it near what it looked like before.

And tips on how to make this look better in One print and not have to double strike and do all that nonsense. I never had to do this with a machine that was built 4 years ago and uses a epson head.

also does anyone find it alarming that you can only print 1440 x 720 max on light ? that doesn't make any sense to me..

any help would be appreciated
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I would say that maybe you need to calibrate your computer monitor to the F2100 printer.

I am a Mac guy and my prints looked pretty true in the color department right off the bat so I haven't had to do this. Even my Win7 PC prints true on the Epson but not all monitors are created equal.

The other thing you can do if you are in a pinch is adjust your colors in PS and print 4" X 4" art on a shirt in different locations until you hit you desired pink then print away.
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