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Having Issues with Dye Migration With 50/50 Bayside shirts

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Just wondering if any one has had any issues with bad dye migration on Bayside 50/50 shirts.

We have ran into issues where the shirt looks fine out of the dryer and after packing the order. The customer gets it home and it has turned a pink hue or a blue hue had appeared.

This is with white ink. we have tried 100% poly ink and that seems to combat the issue but we were getting complaints that the print is to thick.
We switched to Union Ink Cosmic white and that seemed to work good for a while. The issue has come up again on a few orders. We have also tried a barrier base grey and it worked but we have also ran into the same issue on these as well.

Its not every order, and not every shirt in a particular order but it seems to only happen with the 50/50 blend. Some of our orders have 50/50 and 100% cotton due to the fact of the options given from the sales department. 100% cotton as you can guess we have never had an issue.

Any help/advice would be helpful.

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