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I don't think there does have people are using AxiDraw plotter as a DTG printer.

Who uses AxiDraw?

AxiDraw is used by a genuinely diverse range of people, including (to name a few):
Digital artists, using AxiDraw to plot their artwork
Celebrities, politicians, and elected officials, using AxiDraw as a signature machine
University officials and other educators, to sign diplomas and certificates
Educators, introducing students to digital design and fabrication
Real estate and insurance agents, who would very much like you to open their "handwritten" envelopes
Online retailers, including a personalized thank you note with your order
Hotels that would like to leave a personalized welcome note for guests
Makerspaces and hackerspaces, providing a versatile low-cost fabrication tool
Tinkerers, extending AxiDraw beyond writing implements (etching tools, lasers, LEDs for light painting, vacuum pick-up tools, etc.)
Pen and ink manufacturers, using AxiDraw to test their pens and inks
Smartphone and tablet hardware makers, using a stylus to test their hardware
Mobile device software authors, using a stylus to test their software
People without use of their hands, who would like to send "handwritten" letters
Research scientists, as a low-cost XY motion platform
Galleries, for numbering of limited-edition artwork
Calligraphers, who could use a little wrist relief for certain types of busywork
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