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Hat design not stitching square

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My apologies total noob at hats.

Im stitching some ATC flexfit fit caps on a Melco EMT16 with the 270 Red Cap Driver. My image is a perfect square but it keeps coming out smaller at the top of the hat. by maybe an 1/8th inch either side.

Could someone point me in the right direction to look, the DST looks perfect and I have 2 hoops and 2 machines but both are doing the same thing.
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Bad digitizing... try sewing it on a flat, I bet it sews out perfect.

Hats need to be digitized to sew bottom up center out or you get wonky results.
So this logo has a square box around it, that is printing first and it should print last?
This really makes me wonder what would happen if I just wanted a square ona hat, would I have to distort it to make it stitch right?
So this logo has a square box around it, that is printing first and it should print last?
That might be one way to try it and see if it fixes things... hats can be a real pain, as I said, the files have to be digitized differently to accommodate that you are trying to stitch something square onto a rounded moving object...
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No matter what order it sews in, if the logo is too tall for the crown of the hat, then it will start to cave in at the top. Ideally, the square is not much higher then where the crown of the hat starts curving. I have had to change the shape of the logo sometimes to spread out at the top so it looks right on the hat. The more underlay the better, and definitely sew the center first before the border.
Sounds like the design might be to big for the cap. What size design are you running?
We resolved it by changing the angle onto the cap frame as the front of the cap had quite the angle and the head was pushing the cap distorting it
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