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Has Sunie(seiki) heat press issue's been better or resolved?

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After reading the older post's & past issue's with the sunie heat press, such as fuse melt downs & heat platen temp consistency. Have these issue's been corrected in their more recent/current 2012 models that they are selling?
In the older poll between the sunie & transpro, the sunie seemed to have slightly better reviews. But there seems to be many that were also NOT very happy with their purchase as well. Are there any other current purchases & users of this brand/model that can provide more recent/current reviews of this press? I know you get what you pay for, but for most of us new start ups on very limited budgets, we don't have the options or budget to afford what most other members recommend. I have made my purchase and my press is in transit, but I am having second thoughts that I maybe should have gone with the transpro.... did I make a newbie mistake?
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