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Has anyone used sponsored tweets on Twitter before?

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Hi just wanted to know if anyone here has use sponsored tweets before...The way it work is people with lot of followers can promote your site.Just wanted to find out if anyone has got more sales because of this...
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I have use it but is not so good.
The majority of the users from Twitter want to promote their stuff. Everyone wants to sell. Nobody to buy. :)
I use twitter heavily to promote a couple things I'm involved in. It's really all about getting people to follow you and find other companies that relate to what your focus is on. Retweet some of their resets and hopefully they will return the favor every now and then then their followers see it and follow you as well.
For example I target 4x4 enthusiast so on twitter I find every major 4x4 aftermarket company and I follow all them as well as some of their followers.
I think if you are targeting the right people then it could work. But if you have a lot of followers that are not interested, then it doesn't matter how many you have. In this case quality is more important than quantity.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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