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Has anyone used Cottonprint for screen printing?

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I've been looking for somewhere that will supply tshirts and screen print my design for the cheapest and best quote i have received is from cottonprint.co.uk. Just wondering if anyone has used their services before for screen printing and what feedback is like?

I've been tempted to go for monsterpress or bluebirdpress as they do great deals for 50x tee's and seem more targeted towards individual tshirt companies but cottonprint have come out cheapest overall.

Any comments on this would be great, thanks!
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Don't know about cottonprint. But, Monsterpress and Bluebird are good. It's not always about price is it? Saving a few quid could cock you up in the long run... I went to a big screen printer (not mentioning names) 10 years ago, spent £4,500 with them and it wasn't good mate!
If you PM me, we could maybe help you out? Worth a look...
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