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has anyone use SPECTRa Alloy

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hi has anyone use spectra alloy? if anyone has use it dose it have a feelin like foil printing thats what im looking for something like that thanks
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I don't see any responses to this. Did you ever try this? I need something "shiny" for some tank tops and I don't want to use regular metallic because it does not stretch well. This is supposed to be softer and stretch, but I've never actually used it and wanted to know if that was accurate.

just bite the bullit and buy a sample sized piece if you can find one. If not, buy the smallest piece you can find. No experience with this product but I don't think anything that looks like foil is gonna be stretchable at all and return to the original look and feel
Yeah, I guess you are right. I can buy a small piece, so I have done so. I'll post results as soon as I get it and test it out.:rolleyes:
Sorry for the delayed posting, but I LOVE this stuff:D. I was doubtful that it would not be stiff and rigid like all other metallic heat press, but it is NOT. It IS SOFT, AND STRETCHABLE!!!! I tested it on a t-shirt, great!! I tested it on a nylon/spandex skull cap, even BETTER.

Buy it, you'll like it:D
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On the Spectra Cut Alloys, which side do you cut on? I assume the inside of the roll just like the others but havn't used it before?
You cut on the silver side and your image must be in reverse
this worked well on a skull cap? Please post a pic if you can. I got a brand new cutter and i'm about to buy some vinyl for the first time and I have been rolling some ideas for beanies around in my head.
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