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Hey everyone! Has anyone had an issue with the 1100 printing only the full 11x17 sheet? Mine was working fine one minute but after I changed the magenta cartridge it only prints a full (HUGE) pic. :confused: My canvas size in the program is still correct and I made sure the autoexpand button is off and is set for exact size. The preview pic does not show a size change even if you mark a small pic like a 4x6 or wallet, so I tried printing anyway and it was still the full 11x17 sheet size. I haven't seen anyone else with this issue and plan to call Epson tonight. I had 3 separate shirt fronts that this happened on and am getting low on ink (delivery is this week) so I don't dare mess with trying to print other orders until this is corrected. This has never been an issue with other orders, and as I said I have made sure my design is within the page size and that the design size was not somehow changed. Any input would be appreciated!
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