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Has anyone ever used Avery Dennison transfer paper?

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I am interested in possibly trying out Avery Dennison transfer paper. I'd like the opinions of anyone here has used this brand of transfer paper. How did your t-shirt/product turn out?
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Are you talking about the kind you can buy at Office Depot?

I bought some years ago to make some cartoon shirts for my son. It is a hobbyist paper applied with a home iron.
EWWWW, hobbyist! No that's not what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!
Surprisingly, the Avery paper tends to run more expensive per sheet than some of the more reputable transfer papers.
I used their opaque and transfer for lights papers and they are very hobbyist... They felt like cardboard and cracked on the first wash... and indeed they are VERY expensive!
I know a lot of us has tried the avery paper and I'm sure 99% never bought it again. ... JB
I have been using the Avery Dennison Dark t-shirt Transfer sheets and actually getting sell-able results.
I am very impressed with how well the products are holding up to wash. I made one hooded sweatshirt and so far it seems like the iron on will outlast the material...(after 2 washes and 2 dries).
Another shirt seemed to wrinkle after the first wash and dry...but may have been a malfunction in the transfer process.
I am cutting my designs out using an exacto knife.
I endorse this brands Dark Shirt transfers.
The light transfer sheets did not hold up at all after 1 wash broke down and cracked.
I found the Avery Dark held up better than the Avery light, as well. But it was using Avery that lead me to find a better paper, and transfer method, and that lead me here (tsf).

Now I use Ironall Dark for dark shirts, and JPSS/Jetprosofstretch for lights. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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