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Hard Emulson stuck on the finished screen

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Hard Emulson stuck on the finished screen.

We don't always have this problem so we are looking for possible solutions ??

Attached photos to better show issue.


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Is that a freshly exposed & washed out screen?
You need to blot them dry or blow them out lightly right after washout to prevent any blocked print areas from underexposed emulsion running back on the open mesh
Yes that a fresh screen that is washed out for first prints.

We currently wash out; then blow out the screens with a compressor to clear out water to dry but still have a issue with the harden emulsion...

Any steps that we're missing or any other advice to what other do while washing out a screen print....
The edges are getting over exposed. Make sure you have solid contact with a dark film positive.

Also do a step test to calculate the correct exposure time.

Here is a free step test that you print as a positive
How to Determine correct screen exposure times using Vellum
When you are cleaning your screens first make sure that you clean the ink off the screen because the emaulsion cleaner will not work thru the ink. The other think that might be causing your problem is you never want to let the emulsion cleaner dry on your screen. If you allow the screen to dry with the emulsion cleaner on it, the emulsion will harden like you described and potentially render your screen useless.. The other tip you might use is to clean your screens with a pressure washer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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