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Dryer temp tech question:
Harco (now Brown) 3611
Bottom line-every other element is heating up.
((Would send photo but am new and don't know how))

To anyone one that has solved this problem any help would be appreciated. As Brown's/Harco's solution was, let's say less than helpful.

(Sub question-Does anyone know what kind of rats nest I'm going to get into if I disassemble the elements?)

Status: intermittent temp. Some days it runs all day on my regular setting. Other days (now always) the variable temp doesn't do anything and at best It reach 275 unless I slow the belt down to a crawl.

Trouble shoot:
Tested voltage at input terminal block-120 each leg

Tested voltage out of temp control DC side
at off and it's variable in conjunction with the blinking light from 0-8v DC , but as soon as you move the rheostat the slightest bit the lights remain constant and the temp control is sending 8v constant to the 2 crydom D2475 relays, but never varies from 8v.

On the AC side of the relays they test consistent on both sides of the relays, so 120ac in is always seeing 120ac out. ( No switching on or off).

At the terminal block behind panel
T1 neutral (one side supplying transformer) neutral)T2 (other side supplying transformer 110)126v when off, 121v when on.
T3 Between 62-67v ac(not sure what this is)
T4 Between 62-67v ac(not sure what this is)
T5 120v supplying circ. fan
T6 ground

I feel my problem is two fold. But without working knowledge of the dryer I'm only guessing.

Problem 1). I think the temp controller is having issues, as it sends a constant 8 vdc with no variation unless in the off position then it sends a 0-8vdc pulse voltage(I tested the rheostat for variable resistance and it seems to be working fine pre controller)

Problem 2). The crydom D2475 relays are not switching AC voltage on and off even when the DC voltage is off/pulsing.

First I want to know if anyone has a line on a good temp controller for this unit? I would love to Replace with the same board but I'm afraid that may be impossible. If not does someone know a knowledgeable tech that I can send the board to and turn it around very quickly? For local I. In Kansas City.

Thanks in advance.
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