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The T-Shirt Forums launched on April 4, 2005. I've been so busy with site upgrades and posting, that I almost forgot our own birthday (if I forget my wife's birthday this week I won't get off so easy).

So where are the gifts?

This forum honestly has been a bit of a gift to me. I am constantly learning new things about our industry from all the great members that post here. From the feedback I've received, it seems like the T-ShirtForums have been a useful resource to many others including both newbies just starting out and veterans returning to their craft.

Enough mushy stuff though. Where are the gifts?

Instead of asking for gifts, I figured it would probably be better to give gifts away :)
We're going to have one contest where we'll give away a brand new T-Shirt Heat Press (contest to be announced).​

We're also going to have a general giveaway of (you guessed it), free T-ShirtForums.com t-shirts. 1 year is far from "vintage", but I think that will be the theme for these tees (which are a bit overdue).

Once I workout a design, I'll get with a printer and get the tees printed up as collector's items for members with a certain amount of posts :)

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to post, PM, or contact me.
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