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Hanes RN 15783 - Athletic Fit T-shirt

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I'm trying to do some screen printing on some Hane's RN 15763 which are a lighter weight and more athletically fit t-shirt. I don't know what the ounce weight is for these shirts but I'd guess 4.0 oz maybe.

Anyone had any problems printing on these? Anyone know where I can purchase them in bulk?

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Unfortunately the RN is how you identify the manufacturer (in this case Hanes), it's not a style number that distinguishes that particular shirt from the other goods that the company makes.

Hopefully someone can help you out with a style number to find the shirt with.
Hanes has the "Nano T" which is style 4980 that's a lighter weight ringspun cotton t-shirt.

My guess is that it would print similar to the Hanes Beefy tee, but I don't have any direct experience with it.

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We screen print tons of Hanes tees here including the 4980. They all seem to print well with the standard plastisol we use for all 100% cotton T-Shirts. The 4980 does not seem to be any different.
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