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halftones for dummies

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I'm looking for the beginners' guide to creating halftone positives. I DO mean beginner...maybe even the dictionary to explain the terms used such as halftones, spot color, color separations, etc. Where do I go to understand these and learn how?:confused:
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We suggest to keyword search in this forum first. There is no shortcut and you will not get an immediate answer if you want to take what you have learned into practice.
I can help you out but need to know your application.

Essentially a half tone is an arrangement of dots generated to give an illusion of colour (be it shades of gray or full colour).

Most people have this idea that when printing colour, printers "mix" colours to get the desired colour, but this is not true. If you "mix" colours you get a brownish goo.

If you take a greyscale image and you look at it with sufficient magnification you will see:

1. The entire image is composed of black dots ONLY, and no dots of any other colour - the shades of grey you see are an optical illusion.

2. In areas where the image looks darker (more black), the dots will be larger (made up of groups of smaller dots) and more closely grouped together.

3. In areas where the image looks lighter (more grey / white), the dots are smaller and more widely spaced apart.

The same is try of a colour image. If you wanted to make RED out of CMYK, you would put a CYAN dot NEXT to a MAGENTA dot and from a distance our eyes see it as RED, but it's not actually red.
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Thanks John,
That was a simple and clear down to earth explanation.
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