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Halftone print for screen printing

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Hi Im new to the site so first of all. Hi world!Ok I have a problem I need to find out how I can get a full colour CMYK print into halftone for a screen printer. I am up to the stage where i have slit the CMYK channels and created bitmaps at the standard res etc but where do I go from there? I work mainly with illustrator for printers and photoshop for techniques and DTG.Hope someone can help me out! Cool as
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How does your printer get his films?
Have a chat to him, ne may have an imagesetter/RIP and just needs the source file.
He probably doesn't expect to have each client providing the separations?
I am with you Dave. Better talk with your printer.

To give you an idea, my clients just give me the design and printing instructions. From there I do my assignment redoing the design and do the separation. :)
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