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Halftone Help

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Read quite a bit of posts about halftones, but not finding information on how small the halftone pattern can go.

Now, I do not screen print myself, I just create the vector artwork. I sent one design to a contractor and it came out as it looked on screen. When my friend did it, it didn't seem like it took the small dots and the fade between the two colors was not really there.

That being said, my main question is how small can the dots, or squares, etc. of a halftone go when printing?

As always, thanks guys!
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It sounds like the contractor converted the grayscales to a halftone pattern and your friend did not. I use 42 lpi for most of my T-shirt halftones. It's fine enough to look good on the prints and coarse enough to hold easily on the screen. The printer should be the one to determine what frequency the halftone should be, since he knows what his equipment is capable of.
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