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halftone dot help

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Hey all,

So I have never done any halftone work before, but I recently go a request for this image to be printed on a shirt. I don't quite know how to make the guy's face into halftone dots on my computer (but I have Photoshop Elements) so that my stencil will create this image on the shirt. Can someone help me through this?




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to do halftones you need a post script printer and a rip program such as Accurip for example.....but the image can be converted to halftones in Photoshop....Im not sure if Elements will do the same thing..I have never used elements....

if you want to send me the original I can halftone it for you and send it back to you?

pm me if you need this done.

I'm just using a regular hp inkjet printer...will halftone not work?
a regular inkjet will work, but you need to convert the image to halftones with Photoshop first.

here is a quick video that walks you thru the process of halftoning a one color image.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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