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Ha! Beware of shipping charges from ALL suppliers!

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+1 to "bellasociety" I feel you...

Shipping and handling as well as per box COD charges are all HUGE money makers for some suppliers. You have to pay VERY close attention especially when ordering online. One particular vendor offers free shipping over a certain amount. As you add items to your cart, it indicates how much more you need to reach free shipping. At that amount it shows merchandise total and how much free shipping.
BUT before finalizing you have to note if you have any "sale" items and the option to compare FULL PRICE AND FREE SHIPPING or SALE PRICE AND FULL SHIPPING (which I find to be a bit salty plus they have a $10 per box COD fee). I've gotten 2 smaller boxes when a midsized box would've sufficed.
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Thanks for the tips. It is like walking through a minefield at some sites.

If I feel taken advantage of with unfair shipping charges I lose all confidence in the vendor and won't want to order again. Kind of a shortsighted business approach IMO, but seems to be the plan for a lot of them, so your are right to be aware of it.
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