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GX-24 Feeding issues

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I have had a Roland GX-24 for ~4 years now, and in the past few months I've noticed an issue that continues to get worse.

The feeding always seems to pull the Vinyl off to the left (if you are facing the machine). Sometimes, it is severe no matter how carefully I put the vinyl into the machine. Before I cut, I always press the down arrow to send the vinyl through the machine a bit, and almost every time it pulls at an angle.

Every so often, after a bunch of tries, it'll pull straight - but this doesn't happen every time.

I ended up buying brand new pinch rollers to see if that is the problem, and that did not fix the issue.

Any suggestions as to what could be the problem?
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Is the locking leaver tight? If it is lose it can cause this issue.
Sometimes the pinch rollers wear out. Check to make sure that your rubber wheels are still round, and not flattened on one side...
I have confirmed the locking lever is tight and screwed in good, and the pinch rollers were just changed this week.
I would contact Roland directly if you have not already done so. Sounds like a mechanical issue unfortunately.
Had the same problem rep asked me if it happen when
I had a heavy roll of vinyl? I noticed that it only happen with light rolls of vinyl. I hold roll then pull in front nd try to get it straight using the guide marks. Works sometimes, other times a lot of shifting of vinyl to get it straight.
i found when mine didnt pull through straight my roll of vinyl was slightly out of line so shuffled the roll along till it lined up and goes through good
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