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I doubt anyone of you are still being updated on this thread but, yall really did spend a lot of time messing with the more trivial part of the rip. Granted ink qualities probably were really nasty back then and that's part of the reason for the number of damaged print heads the other was really bad configuration values. But, you could have resolved a lot of the printing issues by writing the plugin and learing print the image in raw format. Doing this would have allowed you to print the image line by line printing and underbase of white on the fly as you loop through the CMYK cartridges printing a pass or two of each cartridge then advancing the queue and the paper and repeating. Setting the saturation higher and the gamma and the brightness down on the white channels and the dropplet size to large for white and using medium small for color probably would have rounded out the differences between color over the white base, then ink output could have been adjusted in the rips interface to correct and fine tune the output.

If you don't rewrite the plugin or write a stand alone RIP you will be stuck with a two pass solution instead of the one pass I just described.
Creating a print space int the RIP where you can move multiple elements around the sizeable print area shown on the screen allowing you to import multiple images at a time and place them around the print area(this is with regards to DTF printing which didn't exactly exist then so you never would ahve thought to do this) and then basically filter out the white backgounds and convert to a TIFF or something to be printed. would have been fairly trivial using a graphical programming language such as Vcc, vb, delphi, or even python with GTK+ or some thing. Towards the end you were starting to break the cycle and heading towards someting that might have been workable,, the crazy part is that's where yall gave up.

Well. I'm picking up the project and the plan is it will consist of the twp gimp and photoshop plugins and a stand alone RIP. I already kinda have it all mapped out in my head so I really just need to take some notes and study the source code some more and brush up on my programming skillz. I believe in opensource but I also believe my time and efforts are worth something so unfortunately my RIPs will not be opensource but I also believe in saving people money so my RIPs won't probably be more than $50-75 a licence. Making it the most affordable RIPs on the market and I will be ensuring that they support as many printers as possible. Granted I'mm going to have to byte encode all of the configuration files or turn them into DLLs so no one is temped to monkey with them and break either their equipment or the software.

I was so hopeful yall had hit upon something by the time I had reached this forum thread and was kind of let down, but it did inspire me to pick it up so there is some sort of silver lining. I hope you are all doing well and if anyone wants to work on my RIP please let me know and I will make you part of the team and give you a license that is good for 20 concurrent installations so you can share it with your friends should you want to.

I may also consider a batch printing option to send the print out to multiple printers at the same time but I don't know how necessary that is.

If any of you are still alive and kicking hit me up, I am more than interested in feedback.
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