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Guidance on machine requirements

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Good Morning Everyone,
Our business has secured a brand that is looking for us to take over their embroidery needs. Their current volume is below.

2018 Forecasted Daily Average
eCommerce (Personalization) - 175 Units per day
B2B (Business to Business) - 315 Units per day

I spoke to Barudan and they recommended a 6 head for the B2B and two singles for the eCommerce business.

What are your thoughts? Also we will scale this in slowly over 4-6 months, we know we cannot go from 0 embroidery to this volume overnight.
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Have you ever done embroidery before?

Screw the singles. Maybe get 1 for other stuff. 315/day doable on a 6 head if you have a consistent run without changes and you are not doing other work.

Based on what you are saying I would go with 1 single head, 1 four head and 1 six head.

The work will come but if you have a contract for an extended period of time let you customer pay for the equipment.
I noticed that when you throw out big numbers like this these company's will throw out big numbers back cause they want to sell you these machines. At The Iss Show Long Beach We Were Looking At The Ricoma 10/10. Dave was the guy we dealt with. So He Was Saying If Your new to embrodiery go with a single head and work up from there. My Girl Wanted To Start With The 10 Needle But I Wanted The ricoma 1501tc-7s . since I'm the one paying the bill we got the 15 but she wanted to add the sequins attachment which I think is a waste but oh well add it. Once Things Pick Up Then I'm Moving To A 2 Head Machine. But dave was truthful with everything. Now We need to get wilcom 4 next.
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