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We just recently purchased a Brother GTX, so far very impressed by the colors and printing speed.

We are having trouble with the Brother pretreat (GCX-4P05).
The install guy said to run it at 1:1 ratio. I have tried 1:2 and even 1:3 consistently leaving staining around the heat pressed area.

It does wash out but we are unable to send shirts to our clients like this and do not think washing and drying every shirt we print before shipping should even have to be an option.

With our epson fix we were running a 3:1 ratio and experience far less staining and great print results.
I have tried the epson fix on the brother machine and it prints fine but not great.
I have tried FBXgen2 from firebird it works good but smells like chemical warfare and would prefer to not use it all day everyday if avoidable.

It would be preference to use the brother pretreat without having to wash the garments.

We are running: Schulze pretreat iv.
30 grabs of pretreat or less!
Hottronix Auto Clam 356degrees for 35 seconds with a teflon sheet
Pressure around 2-3

I recently tried spraying the garment at 25g. hover press for 40 seconds. pressure for 10 seconds wiped the teflon clean. pressed for another 10 seconds wiped again the teflon clean. and then full pressure for 35 seconds. This helped relief some of the staining but there is still some just on the edges of the heat press square.

I am very excited to be able to see what this printer can do once we move past this fundamental issue.

:confused:Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to relieve this issue? Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Thank you for your time

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So you probably won't want to hear this, but I worked on a borther gt 3 series. We had that same issue on all our shirts. Only "solution" we ever came to was to include small inserts on washing and care instructions for the customers that bought them. We could never figure out how to not get that pretreat box after pressing. Sorry I can't be any help, but at least you aren't alone in this issue.

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Robrobrob, recommend mixing GTX pretreat at a 1:1 ratio unless you experience staining on garment. When the spray area is wider than your heat press heating element… any exposed and non cured pretreat reacts and leaves a wet mark. Majority of the time this washes out but some garments are dyed in a manner that the pretreat reacts to create a bleaching effect. Ways to avoid this using a heat press is to reduce pretreat spray width or make sure that you press the sides of the shirt. We recommend that you use a heat press with a lower platen that you can thread the garment and use a non stick sheet or cover or parchment paper, on both the heating element and lower platen. You may also use a forced air electric or gas conveyor dryer to dry pretreat and then press for 5-10 seconds. If you’re located within the North America and still require additional technical assistance, please fill out a support ticket, www.BrotherDTG.com/help, or contact your original dealer if outside these areas.
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