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GT381 Dragging Noise When Printing

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I have a question for a GT381:
I follow all maintenance schedules perfectly. However, recently I have noticed that the print head sounds as though it is making a dragging noise on the round bar behind the print head, where it is attached, when it prints. I clean the round bar with alcohol and grease both sides and in between the print head bearings. It does good for approx 30-50 prints and then starts making that noise again.
I don't believe I am missing anything on the maintenance for greasing that area. Someone mentioned to check the 90 day maintenance schedule, but I do not have one. I searched online and all my paperwork, with no results......
Does anyone else experience this issue after so many prints as well? Is there something I am missing?
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Are you sure it is the bar behind? Do you change out the felt tabs on the rollers like you are supposed to? That section can get gross too.

How long have you had the machine?
I was able to find an updated 3 month schedule that is not shown on the owner's manual or other paperwork I had. You have to undo the bearings from the back of the print head and regrease them.
They probably have dirty grease in them and need to be repacked. I don't know why Brother didn't install a zerk fitting in them to make it easier to do.......just my 2 cents.
check the motor and gear in the right of the machine. it will be a little bit worn out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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