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GT-782 White ink bubbles - help!

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I'm trying to load white ink into the machine and #1 and #2 seem to be just fine.

#3 and #4 are loading and I see the ink reaching the heads, but once finished with the loading routine, air bubbles creep in from the head.

I have cleaned the rubber gasket on the maintenance station, but it isn't helping. I have re-loaded again and cancel once the bubbles are pushed out (so I don't waste a bunch of ink).

Any ideas how the bubbles could be getting in?

I will try to re-seat the ink line connectors to the heads, but if that doesn't work...I'm out of ideas.

Thanks for any input!
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Two things:
Clean the needles that go into the ink cartridges.
Check that there is no ink leak where the ink tube is attached to the needle.
I don't think it is the needles, but I can certainly check.

There are no bubbles in the lines at all while filling.

Only when the pump stops, bubbles show up right at the head as if it is drawing in air from the heads.
Mike, you will want to push to tighten all connections on top of print head starting with White filter, round disk, and elbow about that connecting tube to main supply line. If you’re located within the US or Canada, please give us a 877-4Brother or contact your original dealer if outside these areas.
Thanks! I'll check those out also.
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