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GT-541 / GT-782 Cartridges - Paid for Recycling

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Just got a paypal payment for $24 for sending in 12 old GT-541 carts!

Here is the link in the tshirtforums classifieds: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/tf-classifieds/t186456.html

I received a shipping label to cover all the costs of sending the used carts through UPS. Great deal and good for the environment too :)
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I JUST sent 7 empties back to Brother today :(
I will pay you $3.00 if they are not opened plus shipping.
What do you mean by opened?

I have opened the case and tried to "squeegee" all of the ink to the bottom of the bag.

I have about 24 empty cartridges, about half of them are the 500 cc.

My warehouse manager just returned my box of cartridges as the postal service did not except the RMA label that Brother had provided. Would you still like to buy my cartridges? they haven't been touched! except to remove (or shake the whites)

Let me know! you can PM me for the details!

open the carts and get the rest of the ink.. its ink left on the carts.. do a search on the forums
thanks Stix

I know there's about 20 cc's of unused ink in each of the cartridges. which is WAY more than 3$ but I work for a large scale merchandising company/ custom order company, they have no interest in opening up these carts to squeegee ink out and inject into the lines. (personally I think it's a pretty good idea if you know your machine) but it could potentially void the Brother warentee which I think is the top of their DTG priority list.

thanks for looking out though!! :D

Just finished my transaction with GraphicGuru.

Highly recommend.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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