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The Wilflex Epic™ is a non-phthalate plastisol ink mixing system that is designed to print and perform as a traditional plastisol ink. Offered by GSG, these inks also will cure like regular plastisol and not dry in the screen. Because ink can be left in the screen during break, downtime is reduced.

Epic inks have a faster run/cure time than water-based inks, and superior elongation of the ink film compared to water-based inks. They support a wide variety of special effect printing techniques and simplified processes for emulsion and screen coating.

Epic is part of the Wilflex MX mixing family and offered in 15 colors. The inks have a soft hand and a matte finish. There’s no wasted time matching colors, simply follow MX recipes. They can be used with 100% cotton and blends. For bleed resistance, 11000PFW Epic BR White is recommended.

For more information, go to http://www.gogsg.com/Attachments/at... Textile Inks/Wilflex/Wilflex Epic Series.pdf or contact GSG at (800) 366-1776; e-mail: marketing[USER=37959]@GO[/USER]GSG.com; or visit the Web site at Graphic Solutions Group.


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