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Ulano Pigment Inkjet Film™, offered by GSG, is a clear-coated film specifically designed for creating inkjet positives for textile screen printing. This product has a special Ulano inkjet receptive nano-porous coating on 5-mil clear polyester that is formulated to control the shape of fine lines and halftones with pigment or dye inkjet inks. It offers faster exposure times than laser positives.
The film coating is water resistant to prevent smearing under high humidity conditions. The capillary action coating is instantly absorbed and trapped. No heat is needed to fuse the inks, and it does not shrink as can be the case with vellum finish paper. It’s also more durable than vellum and can be used repeatedly to make new screens.
Even with heavy inkloads, the positive is dry when the next film comes out of the printer. The anti-static coating ensures that positives move smoothly through the printer and are stackable. Ulano Pigment Inkjet Film™ is compatible with Epson, Mimaki, HP, Canon and similar piezo-head or dye inkjet printers.


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