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Many times the day ends before a print job is done. When plastisol ink is going to sit in screens overnight or even over a weekend, Ink Anti-Skin No Wash-up Spray, offered by GSG, is a great solution to ensure that ink does not dry up requiring cleanup before a job is done or additional set-up time when the production crew returns.

This versatile spray, manufactured by Sprayway, prevents a skin from forming on any type of ink. In addition to textile screen printing inks, it also can be used on press rollers and fountains for graphics printing. It does not contain any ozone-depleting chemicals and it comes in a handy 13-ounce spray can.

Graphic Solutions Group offers equipment and supplies for the decorated apparel, signs and graphics, and electrical sign industries. For more information, contact the company at (800) 366-1776; e-mail: marketing[USER=37959]@GO[/USER]GSG.com; or visit the website at Graphic Solutions Group.


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