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Greyscale printing issue

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Hello all,
I have an Epson WF 7010, i used to print on the JPSS with the Epson original inks which are pigment i believe.
I print mainly greyscale images and some colours. The grey scale ones look good while the colours one come out greenish-blueish.

Today i tried printing with compatible inks, dye inks.
The colour images look much better, more vibrant. But the greyscale ones when i transfer them on fabric they look almost sepia.

Any idea of how to fix this?
I'd like to stick to the dye inks as they are so much cheaper than the original Epson.

I print from Photoshop, the file is in greyscale and when i open the print dialog box i select Black/Greyscale in settings.
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You might be overheating the new ink, blacks start to go brown with too much heat.
But the black parts in the colour prints print fine.
I press at 180 degrees.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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