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Good day to you all. I have been screen printing since this may. Came from 21 years in the auto parts retail business. The biggest difference I have seen is the time it takes to make a sale. For most of the sales in auto parts the customer wasn't very happy when they came in. They were spending money they hadn't planned on spending. Their vehicle had to be fixed and the sale was usually finalized the same day. My main objective was to get a smile out of them before we were finished. In this business the customer is usually happy when they contact me. The purchase is planned and it is sometimes days or weeks before a final decision is made.

Thank you for checking out my greeting.
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Welcome to the forum, Oliver. I've noticed the same thing. "Let me mull it over for a few days, weeks, or months and I'll get back to you." I don't have a physical store; I work from home so I don't have any customers that come to me. I have to find them and that's been my biggest nemesis, I hate cold calling and am not a good saleswoman. Granted the products sell themselves, but it takes talent to get to the point of being able to show someone what I can do. Frustrating if nothing else.
I work from home also. I miss some of the daily interaction with customers but was ready for a change. I don't do a lot of cold calling. I have had a great deal of business through word of mouth. I tried a mailer to some businesses. Did get 1 direct response though. Going to try a little different approuch. Have been getting some emails from Mark Caudray with TShirtSuccess.com and checked out the site. They had a little contest with mailers last month. I missed the contest but am going to try the mailer idea they gave out. I like the idea and will tell you how it does.
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