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New to this forum. My wife and I have been immeresed in the screen printing business. She is a graphics designer of 15+ years experience and I'm just an IT guy. We went to U.S. Screen Print Institute in March and took 3 day class which was great. Wish I could take again cause I have many questions now regarding screen printing since we've been doing it...

We set up a retail location, got the showroom set up, bought a Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter for signage (it cost me less to buy it and do it myself than to pay for signage on our windows), a HIX Swingman Heat Press 15x15, an OKI 3200 Color Laserjet with Sublimation ink, and we're off and running.

It's a bit mind boggling to get into all this at one time, especially since I work full time as an IT Manager, but I do what I can do keep things going and so far so good.

I did my own web site, and maybe you can all comment on it if you like. We are a bit overwhelmed at the moment trying to do too many things at once, but these forums sure help to see what others are doing, where you are sourcing, tips and tricks etc.

Good day to all!

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