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Hello to you guys!!!!

I am an artist-- I live in Westchester just north of New York. My designs
are mostly icons centered on dark tees.

I am interested in finding out everything about this business.. From where
to get printing done to where to find sales reps and or sales organizations?

So-- anybody know these answers??

1- are there an distributors that are looking to pick up new lines?
2- can internet retail sales be worth the time?
3- should one stick with wholesaling via repping groups?
4- or go store to store with samples or presentations via the internet?
5- what kinds of minimum orders do retailers buy?

Thnaks to eveyone that can give valuable feedback..

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1. Yes, but you have to do a lot of research to find them :) A good way to find them is via tradeshows.

2. Yes.

3. not sure about this one.

4. You could do both.

5. I think you might find the answer to this on in a search of the forums. I think I remember a recent topic about wholesaling to retailers.


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Welcome! I am in Putnam County. I am hoping to get into a showroom in the coming weeks as well. Still learning the ropes but with a toddler and another on the way I am thinking a rep company will be the best way to get my shirts out to the masses. They are also available for sale on my site as a supplement (and the profit I will make on those is amazing)
Good luck :)
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