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Greetings from the St. Louis Guy

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Hello everyone, My name is Chris me and a few friends have been thinking about getting into the T Shirt business for some time now and finally have taken the first steps in the process. We plan to have our own Label as well as provide services to the public. We will be starting off with Plastisol's and soon as we grasp the ideal of cutters, we will be working with them aswell. I've been on this forum for some time and finally decided to become a member. I do have difficulty scrolling through the forum and finding what I'm looking for so bare with me if I make a similar post due to the way I worded the search. Any assistance anyone can offer will be appreciated especially those local to the St. Louis, MO area. Thankyou in advance.
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I don't know you well enough to bare with you, but thanks for the offer. Welcome, anyway, Christopher, and good luck.
Welcome to the Forum We are located in O'Fallon Mo.
We would like to show our print shop. Please give us a call, to set up a good time.
1 800 764 8688 636 272 4015
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