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Glad to be here as part of such a great forum and looking forward to being apart of new conversations and information.

business has been and remains selling specialty designed and decorated apparel to advertising specialty, chain-store retailers, corporations, and businesses big and small. We literally offer hundreds of various garment styles that can be mixed with thousands of custom designs and then further customized with specific name drops resulting in hundreds of thousands of variations that get shipped throughout North America and around the world. We are unique, leaving very little direct competition, in that we are fast, flexible and have options for every region, genre, demographic and scale with nearly every process available in the garment industry all in one location.

We believe in sustainability. From the ground up and for the last 12 years, SansÉgal has lead the creation and development of the Greenbrand® clothing line and fabric. Greenbrand® is an environmentally sound apparel line made from 100% eco-friendly polyester and cotton fabrics. This is not common. 100% recycled comfortable and desirable fabric is rare. And, it is all cut, sewn and manufactured in the USA.

We offer the following services:

· Screen Printing
· Embroidery
· Laser Etching/Cutting
· Pad Printing
· Triple Applications
· Foil & Hardware Applications
· Art and Design Services
· Re-labeling Program
· UPC Tagging and Sizing

To learn more about our products and services, please visit our
website and YouTube Chanel.
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