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A big hello to everyone from Amsterdam!

so my story....I remember back as a kid my pops made me a customized T-shirt using a clothing iron and some paper he bought from the local Best Buys (electronic store). The quality was real bad and basically my shirt was ruined by the glue-on paper, but it really sparked a lot of conversations when meeting new people, "what's that? haha cool" There's something fun about having shirts made especially for you :)

Anyhow, right now I'm in Amsterdam working overseas. After hanging with some designers and randomly watching some t-shirt experts on Youtube who are really down-to-earth, I thought it might be pretty cool if I could make some T-shirts as a side hobby.

So for now, I'm on the hunt for the tools needed to start creating some shirts and fun. I look forward to posting questions and helping out when I can.

Shirts are not my forte, but I have some decent knowledge about traveling. Please shoot away.

Have a great day everyone! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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