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Greetings from Florida!

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Hey All...
We're M&M Screen Printing, a company owned by Mark & Heidi in central Florida. Orlando area to be specific. I'm Mark and I've been in the printing industry in some for or another for 35 years. My first entrepreneurial business in college was screen printing shirts. It paid my way through! Later I became a graphic designer and beyond that an instructor for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Inbetween I've owned a couple different magazines, done a lot of ad work, and of course, designed t-shirts. The universe gave me a big smile after me and 449 of my fellow co-workers were let go from the company I worked for. Yep, the universe dropped into my lap a 6-color Jennings press, a 4-color Jennings press, a conveyor dryer, flash dryer, all the ink I could spit at and a ton of other stuff. It's like it was telling me... print, Mark, print! So, my wife and I made the choice, invested a little in a new printer, an exposure unit, etc. and took the big leap. And now, here we are, 1 month into production, and already thinking we may need to move to a bigger place :)

So, I'll have a lot of questions. The basics are all the same, but the new techniques I've read about are pretty amazing. I might not have a lot of answers for screen printing questions, but ask away for Adobe questions. I'm still a certified trainer in P-shop, Illus, ID, and Acrobat.

Thanks for having me and much success to you all!
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Congratulations Mark & Heidi on your new adventure. Screen printers are glad to share their knowledge and the industry is always in need of a good, knowledgeable computer graphics person.
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