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Hey just wanted to say hello. I have worked in the graphics world for many years in one capacity or another but have never done anything in the shirt or clothing industry. I used to own a printing shop with offset presses for the typical quick print stuff like letterhead, business cards, forms, flyers , etc etc etc.

Other than cutting some video and designing the occasional flyer or logo I rarely do much in graphics anymore since I sold the shop many years ago. But, I have run into a sort of a dilemma where I'm helping a fund raising group raise money for some charities and one of the things they do is try to sell a few shirts and other gear for certain fundraising events like toyruns and such. The problem is their events always have new dates and such so they are getting hammered with setup fees and higher and higher costs and slow turn arounds...to the point where there is no money left for the charity.

So I'm looking for a reliable, reasonably priced print provider or I'm looking at getting some gear to do our own printing. Anyway cheers to you all and thanks for the wealth of information you all have posted so far.
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