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Greetings from Charlotte NC

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I'm just getting my feet wet in the business and have been doing a lot of research on T-shirt Forums. You guys are GREAT! I have learned so much in the last few months. I originally started making t-shirts by sending my designs to a Screen Printing, then moved to Vinyl Heat Transfers (short lived), and recently purchased a WF-7110 with a CISS system from Cobra Ink. It just came in yesterday along with the JPSS and Jet Opaque II papers. I plan to do some experimenting to start.

I would be great to link up with other folks in Charlotte and maybe we can meet up with a drink and talk shop.

Just wanted to introduce myself and begin to build some relationships on the forum.

Thanks and Best Wishes,

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Kris. Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you with us.
Hey girl!!
I'm a newbie too. In Raleigh, NC. I have the Epson WF 7610. I am so intimidated by a CISS system and the installation process. I watched a few vids on it, but it all looks so complex! lol Let me know how is goes when you get the hang of it. I'm still using the cartridges and replacing when empty. smh
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