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Hello all I've been making tshirts and sign for about three years know. I have been pretty steady with the tshirts but as of latley it seems that i am making more money doing window signs for stores and decals for Cars. I am going to have to make a choice here soon if i want to purchases a dtg printer or a large format printer. I currently own a 4050 copam a 1400epson stylus and a small sawgrass printer. In reality i have not been pushing much on the T shirt end. I do a lot of sports mom t thirt type sales glitter and all that jazz. I loose allot of the larger order to screen printers on the vinyle stuff. So i thought about purchasing a dtg printer to give the customers a better price on my end . But then i also would like a large formnat printer to do banners and maybe car wraps. not sure yet . But i want to give the Tshirt buissness a fair shot it is not fun putting up signs in the middel of winter or summer I have came up with a few what i think are decent designs in the last three years but have not tried to put them on these tshirt sites . So i figuer i will give it a good try and see what plays out and make the choice of in what direction I want to go in the future.
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