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Greetings from a design student

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Hello, I am joining to see if I can learn about digitizing for embroidery. More specifically, I want to learn more about manually digitizing my Illustrator or Photoshop designs. I am just learning, and would love advice for a new graphic designer. I am really interested in being able to do simple things like create embroidered T-shirts for my little (35 member) church. I have a Janome 9700 embroidery machine, and would like to make use of it for a change. My expertise is more web design, but I'm working on changing that! I look forward to meeting some of you.
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Welcome Susan,
A couple of things to keep in mind is that the garment itself is a big part of the design, also that the thread will have vastly different values depending on how the light hits it. So color compositions based on value i.e. lighter and darker color choices will change with the direction of the fill or column, and color choices based on hue will be more consistent. This can be used to your advantage when modeling say an animal, use different angles of fill and you can define muscle or body parts separate from adjacent areas of the same color. :)[MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIriQSh71Jg[/MEDIA]
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Thanks for the reply! I'll be in touch with questions!
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