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Just say Hi to you all~

I'm Winson from Shanghai, China.

Recently I did some research of China T-Shirt marketing, what I've found is this field is still a mess. Those small companies did shared this huge cake but their product(design) style are very solid, it because they have limited funds to hiring various artists.

As the reasons for you guys to choose this field as your business, it means there is a nice fortune to dig with.

But if you want your business go longer and better and outstanding between your competitor, you have to had unique design, and keep your product up to date!

If you are a designer, I suggest you to find a great factory to corporate ; and if you are a factory, try your best to gathering various designer from all around world, there is no limitations, just keep growing.

here is my brief:
Winson Wei
Live in Shanghai, China
Currently working as a web designer in a e-Learning company

I'm planning to get involved to t-shirt world, I have uncountable thoughts, but I'm still fresh to this field, so I'm very happy if you guys can help me and teach me!

My MSN: [email protected]

Thanks for your reading:D
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